Romania, Ready for a revolution…

The government passed a law on 31st Jan at 22.00 which will free corrupt politicians, and people who are serving under 5 years in prison for various crimes, by decrimnalizing corruption, politicians who were in jail would basically get a clean slate. So those who took bribes or were doing trade/ business with each other would avoid jail time, as long as the offense is under 200,000 lei (€44,000). While also after 6months of the crime, if not found out they could not be charged for said crime. So like a game of monopoly, politicians basically have a get out of jail free card.


Their excuse was, that this was all in the hope that the E.U. will not give them a massive fine, as the Romanian prisons are overcrowded; so this is what they need to do. But if they thought that was a great idea, then maybe they should really let someone else do their jobs. This is the same government who was last elected in Dec 11th 2016. But like a lot of politicians these days, they lie there way into office with empty promises, then screw you over then when they get in power. (nothing new there then with politics) Withing hours of them passing this law there was 4,500 people out protesting, and no better place to do it then in victory square that night till 2am. With some protester shouting “like a thief in the night you do this to us” or “we came here to protect our country from political criminals”.  As the days are passing so is the momentum of the people. Since the first night of 4,500 people protesting, that figure has reached 150,000 and that’s just in Bucharest. That is not including the number in Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Timisoara, Brasov, and Iasi.


They will not take this lying down, the Romanian people know that they are the ones with the real power, they know the politicians only sit in their seats because the Romanian people put them there. The people have the power because they stand united together and that it what is truly beautiful to see,  I was talking to my boss who has been out every night since it started. He like so many other Romanians, will continue to protest until this madness from the politicians stops and this law is changed. For the most part, the protests have been peaceful, but like anywhere you will find a few idiots trying to start trouble. These idiots cannot outshine the beauty of what is going on here, the Romanian people are coming together for the common good, and justice they will have. With a “never say die” attitude of theirs, they will not give up until they win.  I’ve heard some great stories of protesters giving the police flowers who are on duty supervising the protests, a sign of peace as they are not there for trouble, but change! Shops and restaurants giving free tea and meals to protesters to keep the troops going. Hotels offering free accommodation for people coming from outside the city, plus kinder-gardens are offering free supervision for kids so the parents can go and protest during the night. If that ain’t the people coming together for the greater good, then I don’t know what is. Im so glad to be here for it, it’s such a beautiful thing to see how a city is coming together here. At 10pm tonight the protesters held a minute’s silence and when it was done they joined together and sang the Romanian national anthem 🇷🇴. When they all finished protesting for the night, all the people cleaned up whatever mess they left on the ground and went home leaving Bucharest’s Victoriei Square like nothing had ever happened.


There has not been a reaction this big from the people since the Nicolae Ceaușescu era in 1989 when they protested and stormed his government office to end his communist ways. Which shortly after he was executed. 

I’ve seen a lot since I came here, and I as a foreigner in a foreign land, I can look at things and maybe see them in a different light to someone who has grown up here, I think sometimes that can give me a different perspective  on things. I have literally been to the other side of the world on my travels,  In my time I have seen some beautiful sights; that this world has to offer.  I have never seen something like what I am seeing in Romania in this past week. The spirit of these people is incredible to go out every night and do as they are doing. Simply put, it’s amazing 💪👊🇷🇴🤔

Bravo Romania..bravo ♥♥

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The land of the free…Really?

America the land of the free, It was something I have heard a lot in my childhood. All you had to do was turn on the TV station and you could be sure to see some show promoting this ideology. For a long time Ireland has had its fair share of the American dream, It has in somewhat way played it’s part in shaping America to what it is today. As the saying goes “the Irish and the Italians built America”. Many of men have died for this dream. They worked at jobs nobody else would just to survive and it meant hard labor  in the land of dreams, many of which were the earlier Irish in America. They came off the famine ships, for those who made the long trip and survived, it was a very tough start. Starved from hunger, a lot of them dying from diseases “the black death” as it was known.



For sure the Irish had it tough when they got there first, trying to get a job as an Irishman or woman in them days would have been torture in itself, but that was nothing new for the Irish. Look at our next door neighbors England who showed us so much love in the past with signs like:  No cats, No dogs, No blacks, No Irish. Thank God not to be born in them days as everything was a struggle. Now with the internet connecting everyone and information at your fingertips you think it would bring people closer. But no, if anything we are losing each other. We may be more informed but we spend so much time online these days we forget how to really connect with one another, to much Facebook WhatsApp, Snapchat etc, We are programmed in a different way from generations before us. So to the people who are so well informed and connected to the internet I ask you a question? How the hell is it that the American people will be faced with a decision to vote in Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for president. I think surely yea have better quality candidates then these two… Unfortunately with these things money talks and they got it in the millions if not billions. But where does it come from and who is giving it to them, the real question is for what will they get in return for their investment. A better America maybe, I highly doubt it. Another war machine in the making, with tensions high with North Korea and Russia could we see another world war. I myself for many years have great respect for America or for Americans I have met in person, but not for there politics. Invading country’s is not the way to make good relations and from an Irish point of view who where once ruled by the so called “Great Britain” aka England. No good can come from it. America did to the Indians, what the English did to the Irish. Invade torture enslave starve rape etc the article was written as food for thought, but as Americans get to the polling stations in the near future there deciding which idiot do I vote for. The future doesn’t look great for yea with these two as your front runners for president. How this will affect the rest of the world only time can tell. We are in  for some interesting times ahead. America… Europe awaits your decision as does the rest of the world.


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Anthony Homan