The land of the free…Really?

America the land of the free, It was something I have heard a lot in my childhood. All you had to do was turn on the TV station and you could be sure to see some show promoting this ideology. For a long time Ireland has had its fair share of the American dream, It has in somewhat way played it’s part in shaping America to what it is today. As the saying goes “the Irish and the Italians built America”. Many of men have died for this dream. They worked at jobs nobody else would just to survive and it meant hard labor  in the land of dreams, many of which were the earlier Irish in America. They came off the famine ships, for those who made the long trip and survived, it was a very tough start. Starved from hunger, a lot of them dying from diseases “the black death” as it was known.



For sure the Irish had it tough when they got there first, trying to get a job as an Irishman or woman in them days would have been torture in itself, but that was nothing new for the Irish. Look at our next door neighbors England who showed us so much love in the past with signs like:  No cats, No dogs, No blacks, No Irish. Thank God not to be born in them days as everything was a struggle. Now with the internet connecting everyone and information at your fingertips you think it would bring people closer. But no, if anything we are losing each other. We may be more informed but we spend so much time online these days we forget how to really connect with one another, to much Facebook WhatsApp, Snapchat etc, We are programmed in a different way from generations before us. So to the people who are so well informed and connected to the internet I ask you a question? How the hell is it that the American people will be faced with a decision to vote in Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for president. I think surely yea have better quality candidates then these two… Unfortunately with these things money talks and they got it in the millions if not billions. But where does it come from and who is giving it to them, the real question is for what will they get in return for their investment. A better America maybe, I highly doubt it. Another war machine in the making, with tensions high with North Korea and Russia could we see another world war. I myself for many years have great respect for America or for Americans I have met in person, but not for there politics. Invading country’s is not the way to make good relations and from an Irish point of view who where once ruled by the so called “Great Britain” aka England. No good can come from it. America did to the Indians, what the English did to the Irish. Invade torture enslave starve rape etc the article was written as food for thought, but as Americans get to the polling stations in the near future there deciding which idiot do I vote for. The future doesn’t look great for yea with these two as your front runners for president. How this will affect the rest of the world only time can tell. We are in  for some interesting times ahead. America… Europe awaits your decision as does the rest of the world.


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Anthony Homan