January in Bucharest, lots of snow…

Snow is something I ain’t never seen much of growing up in Ireland. It’s something I always wanted to see and wished for around December for the Christmas period and onwards. From what I can remember in these 33 years and a bit, that I’m here on this planet; I can only remember it snowing on Christmas day once back home in Ireland. I was only like  6-7years of age at the time,   getting my fatherly advice from the old man saying “whatever ya do, don’t eat the yellow snow” but since then we never really had a lot of snow up until about 6years ago, when it snowed for about two weeks. Other than them two experiences, I don’t recall where I could honestly say we had what some would consider a season of snow. Winter in Ireland is pretty cold and windy with a large pinch of rainfall, for sure you can get all 4seasons in one day if you are there at the right time.  Rainfall is always a certainty at some stage, no matter what season it is. As we say in Ireland: Of all the islands in the world, we get the feickin rainy one!!

In the past week over here in Romania, we are being updated constantly about the weather, with yellow/orange/red warnings in place since it started, as much as it’s beautiful to look at or to go for a small walk in. It’s a bit of a pain in the ass also. It has been -20degrees most nights, So as you can imagine not the best time for skinny dipping 🙂  I don’t mind any kind of weather once I’m inside. I’m looking at people every morning here and there digging out the snow, as so they can leave for work in the car, snow plows going on the hour most hours. Public transport has been a lot busier since the snow has come, I have the car there and it can stay there until the summer comes to thaw it out. It’s bad enough to be out walking the dog 3 times a day in this weather. It’s a good thing I have Coopie on the dog lead with the red jacket or his little white ass could get lost out there. I can’t say I fancy waiting at the bus stop either, but it is the lesser of two evils. I’d have to commend the local authorities for keeping everything in good condition from what I can see .ie the roads etc Earlier in the article when I spoke of the snow in Ireland we ran out of salt for the roads after 3days one year, we had to get it in from neighboring countries if I remember correct! Not the first time the Irish government falling asleep at the wheel so to speak!!

It seems Europe is getting hit hard with the snow, I have seen some reports over social media outlets saying over 150 trains were canceled on Wednesday, 5 people have died in Romania alone and that number reaches to 60 across Europe. For sure its dangerous weather out there and as always at this time of the year I would feel sorry for anyone who is homeless as I wouldn’t put a dog out to stay in that weather. So I spare a thought for them. Ok folks, I have put in a few pics for anyone who would like to see them and also a video link for the facebook page so you can see with your own eyes what it’s like here.As alway’s if you like what you have read then please like/share or comment below.






7 thoughts on “January in Bucharest, lots of snow…

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    1. Thanks God it’s here now, extremely sorry about the late reply I haven’t been on this in awhile, glad you liked it. Spring is here so more trips and stuff to write about, thanks again, I’d love to go to Finland sometime, would you recommend anything to go see and do


  2. There is so much to see. Specially I know Helsinki ’cause I live there. You should go for example “Suomen linna” (finnish castle) where you can go with ferry at “Kauppatori” (The main market square). Kauppatori itselves is also worth to visit and there is great market hall. (Or you can go to Hakaniemi market hall which some prefer more.) Then near by (the main) market square there is “Kaivopuisto” (well park). It’s beautiful park where we locals are spending much time at summer. The whole south-harbour is full of beautiful architecture and from there you can go with a boat to Tallin or to Stockholm.

    Also I recommend you “Töölön lahti” (Töölö’s gulf). There is very beautiful views. Near by it there’s also National museum and “Finlandia talo” (Finland’s consert house). And ofcourse you should visit at “Tuomio kirkko” (cathedral of Helsinki) and at Uspenski’s cathedral. Oh and you should go to Esplanad park too (which is near by market square). There is very popular restaurant: “Kappeli” and there is much happenings at summer.

    Then if you have time you can go to Linnamäki amusement park what’s beautiful at evening lights (or at autumn when they arrange a light festival every year). There is also still the old classic wooden roller coaster.

    Wellcome to Finland!
    By the way there have been very cold spring this year but it should change soon…


  3. Still one thing…if you want to taste traditional finnish food go to restaurant “Sea horse” which is near by south-harbour. It’s old and classic place. In the main city center there is mostly only Italian, Chinese, Indian and Mexican restaurants…or steakplacies. So I recommend “Sea horse” to get to know our own food culture (where is strong russian effect and some swedish culture).


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